Ortho Sleep Knee Pillow

€39,99 €79,99
  • Ortho Sleep Knee Pillow


Ortho Sleep Knee Pillow

€39,99 €79,99

The OrthoSleep pillow is a knee pillow designed to help you sleep better at night and not wake up in the morning with lower back, hip, or leg pain. The OrthoSleep knee pillow is ideal for people suffering from Sciatica as it provides excellent knee support and better spinal alignment.

The OrthoSleep knee pillow is recommended by physical therapists, sports trainers and chiropractor for promoting a healthier sleeping posture. It works wonders on anyone, including side sleepers, pregnant women, or people recovering from leg injuries.


Sleeping in side positions can result in misalignment of the spine and put unnecessary stress and strain on the spine, hip, lower back, knees, legs, etc. Research suggests that putting OrthoSleep knee pillow in between your knees can help you achieve the right alignment when sleeping sideways, and thus support the healing action of muscles & ligaments at night. OrthoSleep knee pillow offers you an incredible solution for such needs!


A more relaxed posture during the night can definitely help improve your sleep quality and let you feel better the next day – eliminating one of the main reasons for pain and stress. Placing OrthoSleep pillow between your knees can help position your legs, and thus hips, knees, and spine in an alignment that’s best for your body. OrthoSleep pillows are also ideal for use as spacers between the knees of pregnant women.


OrthoSleep knee pillows are made up of hypoallergenic material and come with an easily removable and washable pillow covers, thus helping you maintain a high level of hygiene easily. Simply remove the cover and hand or machine wash at your preferred frequency.


The OrthoSleep pillows are made up of 100% Visco-elastic memory foam which is soft enough to feel natural and comfortable between your legs such that you forget there is something between your knees after a while. However, they have enough stiffness to help provide the required uplifting of your upper knee to help achieve the required alignment. It is a quality that’s being recommended by therapists post-hip-replacement and knee surgeries.


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