Vita Shower™

€46,99 €93,99
  • Vita Shower™


Vita Shower™

€46,99 €93,99

 Tired of non-relaxing and short-lasting showers?

The new head shower Vita Shower™ gives your home a SPA experience straight from your bathroom while saving up to 30% water!

The head shower Vita Shower™ that will solve the problem of low pressure and will lower water charges at home. You will enjoy fantastic and relaxing showers.

Vita Shower™ can increase the water pressure up to 200% compared to other head shower. Ultra-thin jets provide a spa feeling.

Have you ever noticed that your hair and skin are sometimes dry and damaged just after a shower? The designers of Vita Shower™ have managed to get around this problem!

The small spheres of Vita Shower™ are more than just a matter of design. Vita Shower™ uses sonic technology, so its three sets of filter spheres balance the pH and remove the dirt and chemicals added to the water treatment system, which harms your health.

With the cleansing effects of the three built-in spheres, Vita Shower™ will help you restore your body balance, while making your hair and skin soft to the touch.


 3 Modes To Help You Relax, Rejuvenate & Revitalize

Rainfall: Relax under the soothing rainfall setting and wash your stress away!

Jetting: Rejuvenate your skin with a powerful burst of ionized water.

Massage: Revitalize your mind, body and soul with your in-home spa experience.


 How Vita Shower works? 

It's really simple, Vita Shower™ is delivered ready to be installed in any bathroom, by anyone.

To install it, simply remove your old shower and screw the Vita Shower™.

In less than 2 minutes it will be ready to provide you with the best shower you have ever had, without the high costs usually associated with long showers.

A study was recently conducted to compare the costs of using Vita Shower™ with a standard shower system:

For a family of 4, a 15-minute shower with a standard shower costs 25€/month. With the Vita Shower™ system installed, the cost was reducing to only 17€/month!


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